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The Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before Going to Malaysia

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Things You Should Know Before You Visit Malaysia

Thinking of going to Malaysia? You could not have made a better choice. This is one of the top destinations for tourists when it comes to visiting Asia. This is a very diverse country, as you will begin to notice once you set your foot on the country. It has something to offer for any traveler who chooses it as their destination. In fact, for a long time, Malaysia used to be called the odd man in Asia. This is because a native ethnic tribe usually dominates most Asian countries. However, Malaysia is very diverse and comprises of different ethnicities.

There is a great variety of races that inhabit this beautiful country. Some of these races include Malays, Chinese, and Indians. The fact that this country is multiracial is a plus for tourists. This is because the locals are used to living with people from different races and places; hence, they are very welcoming to anyone who visits their country. This is why Malaysia is the best place to visit. You do not have to learn the local language. Use an online appĀ to help you translate English to Malay, and you are ready to go.

Facts to Keep in Mind When Travelling to Malaysia

Even though this land is a very enticing place for anyone who visits it, there are some things you should know before visiting Malaysia to make your trip as enticing and memorable as possible. These facts include;

  • A tropical climate

Malaysia lies within the tropics, which makes it a tropical country. This means that this country is hot and humid throughout the year. Therefore, as a tourist, it is good to understand that sometimes it can even be impossible to walk around, leave alone taking hikes. This can be due to the hot temperature experienced in the country. Therefore, always remember to carry some drinking water with you so you can sufficiently hydrate yourself.

  • There is a difference between the terms Malays and Malaysians

As a foreign traveler, this is a fundamental fact that you should know. Malay refers to an ethnic group that resides in Malaysia. It comprises about half of the population of the country. However, on the other hand, Malaysian refer to anyone who inhabits this land. Therefore, all Malays are Malaysians, but not all Malaysians are Malays.

  • It can get expensive

Compared to its neighbors, Malaysia is not a place where you will find the life of the party. Even though in huge cities like Kuala Lumpur and Penang, there might be plenty of bars and night clubs, alcohol here is significantly expensive. You can likewise find some bars in smaller cities, but be sure that they won’t be open until late in the night as it is the norm in Thailand.

  • Grab is the way to go

When it comes to traveling around the country, using public transport can sometimes be a hectic affair.

On the other hand, hiring a taxi can turn out to be a somewhat expensive event. Therefore, when looking to take trips around, it is best to utilize the grab app. This is the uber of Asia. You will be able to find affordable transport at your convenience through this app. The platform offers you both motor vehicle and motorcycle services.

  • A great variety of food options

Due to the diversity of cultures in this lovely country, Malaysia has a lot to offer when it comes to eating choices. You can choose to go the way of traditional Malaysia foods like roti canai or nasi lemak, but remember there is also a wide variety of Indian and Chinese cuisine to enjoy too.

  • Get yourself some travel insurance

This does not only apply if you are visiting Malaysia. As a traveler having insurance is crucial as it always comes in handy in case an accident happens. Not that we would want that to happen anyway.

  • Always keep left when driving

Unlike the USA, it is good that you understand that drivers in Malaysia always keep left on the road. Therefore, make sure that you keep left when driving to avoid some hefty fines and unnecessary stops on your trip.

  • It’s always best to take a road trip

Even though Malaysia is the home of AirAsia, which is the cheapest airline in Asia. It should not mean that you should always be flying everywhere you go. Get a car and take a road trip to enjoy the beauty of the country.

  • Visit Malaka to see some incredible ancient ruins

Malaka is a UNESCO world heritage site. This is a beautiful place. Here you will get to see magnificent ruins and beautiful riversides.

  • Sample Malaysia’s white coffee

This is an exhilarating experience. It is coffee that is made by roasting coffee beans with margarine and then served with condensed milk which gives it a unique taste. Try it and enjoy the experience.

Like every other place you visit in this world, the goal is to make sure that you enjoy yourself and create some good memories for your golden days. Whenever you choose to visit this country, know that you are welcome, and we wish you a pleasant stay. Welcome to Malaysia!

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