Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

Learn How to Speak French, French Programs

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This site contains a collection of articles designed to appeal to anyone who wants to learn how to speak French.  Most of the articles are aimed at the beginning French language learner, but intermediate students or others that may just be interested in French and are looking for additional information will find this site useful.  Topics include vocabulary, grammar, games, online learning, and more.

Why learn how to speak French? Although estimates vary widely, French is the native language for approximately 100 million people and a second language to at least 60 million more people.  It is the official language of over 20 countries spanning 5 continents, so as you can see, the French language is quite widespread. Learning  French as a second language, therefore, can definitely be a worthwhile investment of your time.  A person could travel all over the world and find ample opportunities to use their newly acquired language skills.

It has been noted that English has “borrowed” more words from French than from any other language, so learning French can be a way to greatly increase your English vocabulary.  The fact is, when you start to study and learn how to speak French you will probably recognize a number of words and that can  help boost your confidence.   From a business standpoint, over 2000 US companies operate in France, so one could learn how to speak French and potentially open up more career opportunities.

The French have a very interesting and appealing  culture and learning more about that culture will greatly increase your understanding of the language.  France also has a long and colorful history which can contribute to your enjoyment of studying French.  It certainly helps the learning process when there is a lot of interesting context for the language and not just vocabulary and grammar rules.

France was recently named (again) as having the #1 quality of life in the world, so who knows,  perhaps learning French could even lead to a happier life.  French cuisine and French wines can be reason enough to pick up the language!

Regardless of your reasons, learning French as a second language can be a very rewarding, fun, and challenging endeavor. Like learning any language, committing the time and having the right attitude are essential to success.  Having the right resources and tools to work with will be a major help in your learning journey as well.