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17 Fascinating Facts About South Korea Worth Knowing

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Get to Know South Korea with These Fun Facts

Koreans have various large cities worth visiting from Seoul, Gwangju, Busan to Incheon; each region is rich in culture, boasts of having delicious traditional dishes, diverse landscapes, and fun festivals. The Korean country has so much to offer both for a backpacker and seasoned traveler that people have added it to their bucket list. With these interesting facts, some of which you’ve never heard of you might just fall in love with its hospitable Korean people and all that the country has to offer.

Has Both Modern and Traditional Cuisines

To help reach many customers, most restaurants deliver food to homes in Korean areas. Korean visitors can even get food from popular joints such as McDonald’s. What’s also great is that some South Korean businesses, including stores in malls, accept credit, which helps eradicate the need always to carry cash.

Cities Are Safe

Some of the most populated Korean cities, such as Seoul, are safe, which makes it an ideal vacation destination for solo travelers. Besides, the Korean locals are friendly and always willing to give directions or suggest a fun place to hang out.

Has the Fastest Internet Connection

While visiting South Korea, you will never have to worry about slow internet connections as the country was ranked top on the world’s fastest internet connections list. So even when on vacation, Korean visitors enjoy an excellent connection, which means they can still work even when on vacation and stream content without getting frustrated. The fast speeds will come in handy when you read a sign or hear an intriguing word and need to translate English to Korean.

The Public Transport Is Modern

South Korea has impressive modern public transport that connects various towns and cities. Korean buses and subways are ideal for riding and interacting with locals, and they are cheap. A Transpiration card saves the hustle of having to purchase Korean tickets when traveling via subways or buses. Be alert while on Korean public transport to avoid losing your belongings.

The Korean Language Uses the Hangul Alphabet

Chosongul or Hangul alphabet has 40 symbols that people have used to come up with various Korean basic expressions. Learning the local lingo can help your Korean trip run smoothly. Understanding the common Korean phrases enables you to navigate the markets and streets with ease as well as socialize with the locals.

South Korea’s National Dish Is Kimchi

Kimchi, which is basically fermented vegetable dish, is popular and served in almost all the restaurants in South Korea. It’s a fermented dish that has a wide range of health benefits. It’s served as a side dish, and there are more than 100 varieties.

Gyeongju Was Once the Capital of Korea

During the 1st century, when the Silla Kingdom ruled the southern and central regions of Korea, Gyeongju was the capital city. Over the years, the culture hasn’t changed much, and Gyeongju is home to various ancient palaces, temples, and royal tombs in South Korea.

Gifts Equate to Respect

The exchange of gifts is an important custom to a Korean as it is considered a sign of showing respect. The gift is given to the owner using two hands, and it is customary to bring one when visiting someone’s home.

Has a Mandatory Military Service

Before a South Korean man attains the age of 30, they must perform military service for around 21 months. While Korean women are exempted, they are allowed to enlist.

Soju Is Korea’s National Drink

Soju is the most sold liquor in South Korea. It’s consumed with food and blends well with cocktails. Although it can be made traditionally using rice, alternative starches can also be used. As a result, the taste of this Korean alcoholic beverages varies considerably.

Kitchen Scissors Are Used Instead of Knives

South Korean cut their meat, vegetables, cold Noodles, and any other food with kitchen scissors. The scissors are a favorite both at home and in almost all the Korean restaurants. So don’t be surprised to get scissors and tongs when you sit down to eat a tasty meal in any food restaurant.

It’s a Major Player in the World’s Economy

South Korean overcame war and poverty to become one of the top and largest economies in the world. The country was able to achieve such immense success even though they lack petroleum reserves. They most export digital products such as electronics and machinery.

Have Unique Way of Using Public Toilets

Most Korean public restrooms discourage users from flushing waste toilet paper down the toilet. Instead, they are thrown in trash bins placed next to the restroom to prevent clogging the pipes. Squatting toilets are also widespread.

People Are a Year Older

Koreans account for the nine months spent in the womb. Hence, once born, the baby is considered to be one year old.

Free Entry When Wearing Hanbok

Renting and wearing a hanbok allows the individual to gain free admission in most Korean palaces, including:

  • Changgyeonggung
  • Gyeongbokgung
  • Deoksugung

Each Seoul palace has its own unique charm and is great for those who want to experience Korean culture and heritage.

Subway Stations Have Underground Malls

Did you know that most underground malls in South Korea are located in train stations? Seoul has some of the most packed underground shopping malls for purchasing high-end brands and classic pieces for every budget imaginable. For instance, Gangnam terminal shopping mall referred by the Korean locals as Goto mall has over 500 stores and is located on a subway transfer station.

Has Penis Themed Monuments

Korean Haesindang Park has carvings that look like an erect penis. The park is a popular attraction site as the erect phallic statues mostly contain ancient inscriptions. The sculptures are a symbol that is meant to keep the spirit of a Korean virgin bride happy.

Hopefully, after reading these fascinating facts, you will be more interested in visiting South Korea and submerging yourself in its culture and all the fun elements that it has to offer. I bet you’ll find more fascinating things about this beautiful country.

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