Le Chasseur - Nature
Le Chasseur - Nature


Le Chasseur is proud to announce longer kitchen opening hours. On Thurdays, Fridays and Saturdays, night owls may now enjoy our gastronomical venue till midnight.

Le Chasseur, the only one in its genre to open this late in Hochelaga!

Le Chasseur - Nature

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  • Kitchen opening hours

    Tuesday - 5PM to 10PM
    Wednesday - 5PM to 10PM
    Thurdsday - 5PM to 10PM
    Friday - 5PM to 10PM
    Saturday - 5PM to 10PM
    Sunday - 5PM to 10 PM

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Le Chasseur - Nature

Explore our cocktail and wine list

Enjoy our wine selection from private importation prepared weekly by our sommelier Steve Beauséjour. Check out our cocktail list as the owner gets a creative mind of his own and throws together a different cocktail each week. We also offer a variety of pick-me-up mixed drinks sure to please the pickiest taste buds.

Explore our food menu

Le Chasseur’s kitchen offers meal created with local products.

Smoked meat of bison, gravlax salmon, Deer ribs, hare salad and many more ...


T'was in the old days, when people still enjoyed time, and legends still rang true. T'was said that Le Chasseur came to Hochelaga amongst the Valois, the Morgans and the Cuvilliers, well-known families of the disctrict. T'was also said that those families had traveled way, way up, in the frost bit north. While up there, they had met a fascinating character, going by "le Chasseur", whose knowledge of ancestral traditions and culinary art enchanted each and all. T'was during the 1900’s, when cars were powered by breathing horses, in a time when time still had its say on the way of things.

A home was granted to le Chasseur so that the city dwellers could discover tastes and flavours from abroad. For this man was weaver of taste, true to nature.